How Stress, Insomnia and Poor Nutrition affects your Health

In our chronically sick patients there are several common themes.  The most important problem is a nutrient depletion complicated by a comprised gastrointestinal tract. Most patients have a story about how they became unable to digest enough fruits and vegetables (nutrients) to keep themselves healthy.  Each story is unique.  Consequently, the approach in returning patients back to health has to be individualized.  We started Our Center to help nutrient deplete patients with effective, cutting edge therapies that address the lack of enough “ground substance” to build healthy cells.
The next most common theme is stress.  Whether its emotional, psychological or physical, each patient has an adaptation to handle the situation.  These adaptations were probably necessary for a short period of time.  But stress over longer periods of time will cause disease in most people.  In returning people to health, the feeling of being nourished and cared for allows stressed out patients to switch over to parasympathetic mode.
The third most common theme is lack of sleep or disrupted sleep.  The inability to rejuvenate your body with deep sleep will cause or significantly accelerate the disease process.  Living and practicing medicine in the Bay Area comes with a particular set of challenges.  We work too much.  Our days tend to stretch from early am to late pm.  Sleep is that quaint thing that comes after work, kids, family and exercise.   It has gotten so bad that its become a “media thing.”
A few day ago, the New Times had an article that calls sleep the new status symbol. ( )  For us here at the Bay Area Center for Nutrient Therapy, sleeps has been a thing we impress the importance of.  We want our patients to have deep rejuvenating sleep as often as possible.  You can’t heal completely if your body is not doing the deep repair and processing that happens during deep sleep.
The practical suggestion: If you have a chronic set of symptoms and you are not sleeping at least 7-8 hrs a night on average, you may not be able to return to your vital self.  Lack of sleep will aggravate the hormone system and produce more cortisol.  The effects of more cortisol are far reaching. For simplicity sake, let’s just say too much cortisol will help you in the short term.   But, over time elevated cortisol creates effects that can lead to chronic disease.  Please make time for sleeping only a few things are more important for your long term health.

What We Do and Who it Benefits: IV Therapy

Our world is more chemically toxic and we are more stressed than ever.  Partner this with any kind of digestive issue, infection or chronic disease.  Our bodies may not have enough nutrients to heal themselves.  Dr Coplin and myself (Dr. Duplain) started the Bay Area Center for Nutrient Therapy to give people another option to restore their health.

The intravenous solutions giving at our Center bypass the digestive system and are absorbed directly into the deepest cells. As we bathe your underlying cells with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-nutrients, your body will reduce your inflammation, increasing your cellular function and enhance your elimination of cellular debris.  Ultimately, your health begins to return. Our Therapies are powerful tools to help your reclaim vitality.

These intravenous therapies put the nutrients where they are needed the most, at the cellular level. This helps patients heal from the inside out. Some of our patients report feeling better immediately after the infusion.  Overtime they report increase energy, decreased symptoms of chronic disease and more mental clarity. If you have symptoms that are not getting better with your current treatment and you would like help in returning to healthy, intravenous therapies nutrient maybe just what your body needs.  Your health is your most precious asset.

Who Should Consider Intravenous Treatments

Advanced Aging


Lyme disease



Macular degeneration


Environmental toxicity

Malabsorption syndromes

Alzheimer’s disease

Fatigue or lethargy

Migraine headaches


Fatty Liver

Multiple sclerosis



Parkinson’s disease

Autoimmune disorders

Gastritis/ Gastroenteritis

Peripheral vascular disease

Preparation for Surgery

Heavy metal toxicity

Post Stroke/ Seizure

Intrgrative Cancer treatment

Immune system disorders

Post surgical wound healing

Chron’s Disease

Inflammatory conditions

Respiratory infections

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Rheumatoid arthritis

Chronic Pain

Liver detoxification

Ulcerative colitis


Low functioning immune systems

Viral infections