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It is difficult to absorb nutrients through inflamed and damaged cells.  A comprised Gut will cause nutrient depletion that affects your entire system.

GERD, SIBO, Gastritis, IBS, Colitis,  Chronic Inflammation, Bacterial Overgrowth, Ulcers, Dysbiosis, Chronic Stress and Chronic Constipation, these are all conditions that can result in a significantly compromised Gastrointestinal System (Gut). Your Gut is the essential organ of nutrient assimilation. When it is not functioning properly, your entire health suffers.

Our Therapies can relieve bypass your inflamed and damaged Gut and bathe your underlying cells with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-nutrients.  As we begin reducing inflammation, increasing nutrient absorption and enhancing the elimination of cellular waste, your health begins to return.   Our Therapies are powerful tools to help your Gut and entire body reclaim  vitality.

Where any of these conditions are longstanding, our Therapies are essential in rebuilding your body’s optimal health.  Because our Therapies bypass the inflamed and damaged gastrointestinal system, they reduce the demands of your damaged tissues.  This gives these cells the opportunity to nourish themselves and heal.

Delivering high doses of vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-nutirents to the cells deep in your body typically causes an increase in your energy and mental clarity as well as a reduction in pain. Our Therapies are powerful tools which  help your entire body in its effort to bring back vitality.

Gastrointestinal problems can also be caused by a dysfunction in the Microbiome, or more specifically the microflora lining your entire Gut.  Your microflora acts as a barrier that prevents the invasion of “bad” organisms (Bacteria, fungus and viruses) into our gastrointestinal tract.  If the composition of your Microbiome tilts to more bad organisms than beneficial organisms, your immune system will be activated.  This further complicates your recovery.  Our Therapies can address a dysfunctional Microbiome, support the immune system in removing bad organisms and support damaged & inflamed Gut cells