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Each person presents on their journey differently, so our treatments are specialized to that person. Whether it’s newly diagnosed cancer, on going treatment or post-cancer treatment, we employ time tested natural medicines and the latest biomedical research to support patients in all situations. Our goals are to boost your immune system and palliate your symptoms so you can use your energy to heal.

At diagnosis, 1 in 2 cancer patients has some form of nutritional deficit.

Up to 80% of adults living with cancer are malnourished.

65% of patients take a natural supplement during treatment.

1 in 3 cancer patients continues to experience pain after treatment.

At least 7 in 10 cancer patients undergoing treatment experience fatigue.

Fewer than 1 in 5 patients receives emotional or spiritual support from a doctor.
Quality of life issues are at the center of our treatments. We use many different interventions to support you in symptom palliation such interventions include.intravenous therapies, diet, exercise, detoxification, nutritional supplementation and mind-body modalities. Our goal with Integrative Cancer Support is to provide a place where patients with a cancer diagnosis can feel supported and understood, so they can use their deepest reserves to improve their outcome.

It is important to remember that vitamins, minerals, herbs and other therapies have strong effects on the body. Some supplements may interact with your medications or cancer treatments, or may be contraindicated for your cancer type. Your naturopathic oncology provider will work with you to ensure that the natural supplements you take are appropriate to your situation.

Throughout your care, we will monitor and adjust your treatments to maximize your healing and mitigate any unwanted effects. We make sure our plan of treatment does not interfere with your conventional treatments.

Our treatment goals include: enhancing your immune system, side effect management, improving the success of conventional therapies, promotion of quality of life, post-therapy recovery, disease free survival and longevity.