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Lyme Disease, Mono (Epstien Barr Virus), Cytomegalovirus, Hepatitis A-D, Tuberculosis, Babesia, Bartonella , System Fungus, Systemic Yeast or Biofilms, these are infectious diseases that are difficult to treat when they reoccur and become chronic. Often patients are fatigued. Their symptoms linger even after round after round of antibiotics. In these cases, the microbial invasion are employing tactics to evade the immune system and the antibiotics. These cases require express treatment of multiple body systems.

Our Therapies are more effective because we employ a personalized approach to each Infectious Disease case. In our experience successful treatment requires nourishing and normalizing the immune system, improving the function of damaged and inflamed cells, removing the toxins that feed the accumulated microbes and address how the microbes are using to avoid the immune system.

Think of your body as its own planet surrounded by air brimming with microbes, viruses, molds and fungi that can compromise your vitality. The healthier your terrain, the easier it is to fight off the invasive organisms that can cause disease. Only when your body’s terrain is compromised can these diseases enter and take root.

Our treatments address the weakened terrain, help you repair and by helping you rebuild. Once we determine the type and cause of the infectious disease, we address it on multiple levels. Our individualized approach employs treatments effective in reducing pathogenic organisms, regenerating tissue, enhancing immune function and aiding in cellular waste elimination.

Our Therapies nourish depleted body systems and correct the dysfunctional immune and ancillary systems. Whether it’s a malfunctioning energy system, a hormonal imbalance, multiple infections, neurological inflammation, heavy metal exposure, environmental toxins or chronic gastrointestinal issues, our treatments are structured to address all these concerns while eradicating the microbes.